Scientific program

The conference will include invited lectures (45 minutes) and contributed talks (25 minutes). According to the conference rules each participant will personally present no more than one talk. Presentation of posters will be considered, as well. The official conference language will be English.

Specific topics of interest

  1. Numerical methods for differential and integral equations
  2. Approximation techniques in numerical analysis
  3. Multi-grid, multi-level, and multi-scale methods 
  4. Numerical linear algebra
  5. Reduced order models and numerical methods
  6. Hierarchical and domain decomposition methods
  7. Monte Carlo methods
  8. Orthogonal polynomials and numerical quadratures
  9. Metaheuristic algorithms and other optimization techniques
  10. Mathematical modeling in Science and Engineering
  11. Computational mechanics, physics, chemistry and biology
  12. Advanced and High performance computing