Two excursions are planned on August 22, starting at 12:30 after an early lunch (11:30 – 12:30).

The first excursion is to the Rila Monastery. The bus will leave at 12:30 in front of the entrance of Hotel Samokov. The ride to the Monastery takes about 2 hours.A guided tour of the famous Museum of the Monastery is provided in English and you will have time for individual sightseeing. 

The second excursion is to the Musala hut in the Rila Mountain. We leave 12:30 from the entrance of Hotel Samokov and walk to the  Yastrebets cabin lift (about 300 m). Then we take the cabin (gondola) lift to the Yastrebets hut (the ride for climbing from elevation 1300 m to 2360 m above sea level takes about 25 minutes). From Yastrebets hut you can take an about one hour walk along the marked path to Musala hut. After some rest you should walk back and take the Yastrebets cabin lift back. Be careful - the last possibility to take the lift back is 18:00 ! 

Please, make a decision about which excursion you would like to take part and to sign for it at the registration desk as early as possible (we need to do some planning ahead). 

If you do not eat pork or you are vegetarian, please, tell this the registration desk  -  this is important for the menu of the official dinner.