Problem-driven Numerical Method: Motivation and Application, Abstract

Traditionally, a regular paper in computational mathematics emphasizes more on the design of numerical schemes and numerical analysis than on real applications. Usually, some toy problems, in which physicists and engineers have almost no interest, are used to demonstrate the proposed methods. They are sometimes called the method-driven methods. However, numerical methods are needed only for solving real problems. This special session thus focuses on problem-driven numerical methods with special emphasis on the detailed description of the problems, the main motivation for designing numerical methods, and some typical applications. The problems may come from elastic mechanics, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, material science, etc. In most situations, different features of different schemes are combined together in dealing with particular problems. Our special session aims to provide a forum for researchers to exchange the latest experiences, ideas and results in developing such numerical methods for solving various real problems. 

Works matching this general statement are welcomed, not only in the mentioned topics but also in other related fields.