Orthogonal Polynomials and Numerical Quadratures, Abstract

The zeros of orthogonal polynomials serve as nodes of quadrature and cubature formulae with the highest algebraic degree of precision. This is a bridge connecting formally these two fields in mathematics, although each of them offers a world of challenging problems for investigation. Special Session "Orthogonal Polynomials and Numerical Quadratures" aims to provide a forum for specialists in this areas to communicate recent progress in their research and exchange experience and ideas. Without trying to describe the huge amount of topics within this frame, let us mention just some of them. 

On the Orthogonal Polynomials side, we welcome works on analytic properties of zeros of classical and non-classical orthogonal polynomials (bounds for the extreme zeros, spacing, interlacing and monotonicity with respect to parameters), studies on orthogonal polynomials related to mathematical models (e.g., birth and death processes) or to various extremal problems in analysis and approximation theory (for instance, in certain Markov-type inequalities). 

Regarding Numerical Quadratures, we expect works on quadrature or cubature formulae possessing high degree of precision (algebraic, trigonometric, spline, harmonic, etc.) or designed for integration of special classes of functions (e.g., convex or generalized convex, highly oscillating), numerical quadratures using non-standard type of information such as Radon projections, error analysis and adaptive integration schemes, etc.