Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods - Abstract

This special session will be focused on the following topics:

-    Theory of the Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods for evaluating of multidimensional integrals, integral equations and linear algebra problems;  
-    Improvement and optimization of Monte Carlo  algorithms; Statistical enhancement,  error analysis;
-    Numerics of stochastic (partial) differential equations;
-    Complexity of high and infinite dimensional problems in the randomized setting and their tractability;
-    Parallel implementations of Monte Carlo algorithms for computationally intensive problems.

Computational challenges posed by the modern micro- and nanoelectronics:

-    Monte Carlo methods for classical and quantum kinetic problems;
-    Applications of Monte Carlo methods  to  modern  materials and nanostructures;
-    Monte Carlo in conjunction with other methods and approaches.

Please note the tight sequence of important deadlines which ensure the on-time (this will be done in the site of the conference) publication of the accepted papers in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 
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