Instructions for the authors concerning OCS

I. To submit a paper (after the talk is accepted for presentation at NM&A’18):

1. Go to the webpage of the OCS for NM&A'18:
2. Register (Notification e-mail will be sent to you. Confirm using the link you receive.)
3. Login and choose “Submission”.
4. Fill in the fields:
    - Title: The title of your paper. Avoid any formulae and math symbols.
    - Keywords: Up to four keywords of your paper.
    - Sessions: If you have agreed to submit a paper to a Special Session,
                       choose the correct one.
     - Label: Invited (for invited talks) or Default (otherwise).
     - Abstract: Paste the Abstract section of your paper. Avoid any formulae
                       and math symbols.
 The paper abstract may not be identical to
                       the talk abstract sent to the Organizers 
     - List of authors: Names, e-mail addresses and affiliations of all authors.
                                  Press the green button for each of them and choose the
                                  contact person.

     - Paper document: Attach your paper prepared according to the template as PDF.
                                    Note: You can add/update your paper later on a subsequent login.
     - Source archive (ZIP): Leave empty.
     - Copyright Form: Leave empty.
5. Press “Submit”.
Deadline for paper submission: June 10, 2018.

II. Processing

1. You will receive a confirmation on your paper submission from
2. You will receive the decision by July 15, 2018, which will be of the kind:
    - Acceptance of the paper as such
    - Conditional acceptance: you should edit the paper and resubmit,
                                               according to the deadline given with the decision
    - Rejection

III. Final Submission

After your paper is accepted you need to upload the following files to the conference service :

1. LNCS copyright form (filled, signed and scanned).
To download the LNCS copyright form follow the link:
 Here  is a template of the "Consent to Publish Form", where the two standard rows are fulfilled. Continue to fulfill with your data and save the resulting file - it is your "Consent to Publish Form".
Do not forget to sign on the last page, please. 

2. Source files in LaTeX, figures and tables if any (according to " Springer Guidelines for Authors of Proceedings").

3. Final version of your paper in PDF.

Deadline for the final version submission: September 30, 2018.